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This ultra sleek design delivers amazing Full HD 1080 High Definition video and incredible 10 megapixel digital photos!

The Dual Camera SANYO SH1 HD video camera
packs high performance and cutting edge technology into a ultra-compact, easy to use camera.

Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, the SH1 features an easy to navigate menu which make it a great choice for the beginner and the more advanced user.

It is the perfect blend of style, performance, and ease of use.

The beautifully designed
SANYO SH1 HD digital video camera packs a ton of features which are sure to please the most discerning user.

It offers amazing 30x advanced optical zoom, face chasing technology which automatically reads and corrects focus and lighting for multiple subjects, and dual position recording. Its compact design makes the SH1 extremely portable and easy to use.

Recording videos
, shooting photos and accessing settings in the menu can easily be controlled with the user’s thumb.

SH1′s HD camcorders convenient design makes sharing videos and photos via social networking web sites, portable video devices like iPod’s, TV’s and computers, a breeze.

2.7 Wide LCD Monitor
for HD Playback High Speed Sequential Shooting 4x, 10x Slow Motion Video Playback Video and Photo Image Stabilizer Video and Photo Face Detection Dual Photo and Video Record Buttons 35mm Angle of View Mini HDMI Output SDXC Memory Compatibility (over 64GB SD cards)

MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Movie Recording Format
Wireless data transfer via Eye-Fi-SD cards (optional) Includes a High-Capacity Sanyo Brand Lithium-ion Battery

Super-fast Start-up

Dimensions – Width 1.6 x Depth 4.6 x Height 2.3 inches Weight – 8.3 ounces

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Product Specifications

Model : VPC-SH1R
EAN Code :

Full HD 1080, 60i Video (1920 x 1080)

10MP Photos

30x Advanced Optical Zoom Video

23x Optical Zoom Photo

2.7-inch Wide LCD Monitor for HD Playback


>Sanyo VPC-SH1 High Definition Camcorder and 10 MP Camera at
Average Rating: 3.0
R. Rivera Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

Most Recent Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars We're good with this one!, March 17, 2010 By William E. Hornibrook - (REAL NAME) Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Sanyo VPC-SH1 High Definition Camcorder and 10 MP Camera (Black) (Electronics) I just got the Sanyo VPC-SH1 yesterday so these are first impressions. But I've spent quite a bit of time with it already. I'm a single guy who will primarily use this camcorder to share short clips online, and occasionally burn a DVD. I'm not filming family opuses, doing any kind of advanced video editing, or even plugging it into an HDTV. So for me - here are it's pros and cons. They may not be yours. I'll go into detail later. Pros: 1. Fits in my jeans front pocket. I call it a pocketcam (barely... and you ladies may not.) 2. Fantastic video quality for a pocketcam. 3. Large wide angle lens. 4. Manual settings for practically everything including ISO and focus. 5. AVC/H.264 format (for ease of use, file size, fast transfer, and because it's common and everywhere. Plus I'm a PC guy). Cons: 1. Monitor doesn't close flush with the body of the cam. 2. The four way directional "set" button is too small for a guy's hands. 3. Anti-shake could be better

4.0 out of 5 stars Its so Tiny!! (That's a good thing), March 18, 2010 By Meatyard (Englewood, NJ) Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: Sanyo VPC-SH1 High Definition Camcorder and 10 MP Camera (Black) (Electronics) I just got the camera last night. I've only done a few tests on it. I'll play with it more this weekend. It appears this camera supports iFrame. This is an apple format that equates to 960x540 at 30p. The reduced dimension format actually takes up more space than the max 1080i setting. I think its a different flavor of mp4 that has less compression than the other HD formats supported on the camera. The idea is that if you bring this format into iMovie on the Mac, the files work natively with the app. On the video settings, this is the star symbol. I'll do a test later tonight, but I'm pretty sure this is so. Without shooting, I can tell you that this camera is tiny. Like William, I also was looking for a camera that would not be a burden to carry around. I have been shooting on a Flip and an iPhone. The quality isn't great, but the iPhone is always in my pocket. I won't always have the Sanyo with me, but when I am going to an event, or know I want to shoot something specific, this camera's size is near perfect. It does not come with a memory card (The onboard memory is 50MB- kind of a buffer i guess). But you would end up throwing away the small capacity card they give you, so this is not an issue. It comes with USB, but no HDMI, but this is not really a big deal either. All told, without extensively testing the camera/video quality, this camera is pretty amazing. If you are spending over $150 for a flip with no features or controls, its a no brainer to get this tiny camera for $350.

3.0 out of 5 stars A Fatal Flaw, March 22, 2010 By David Pettit "Photogeek" (CO) (REAL NAME) Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: Sanyo VPC-SH1 High Definition Camcorder and 10 MP Camera (Black) (Electronics) I will qualify this reveiw by saying it is my first camcorder. I am a semi pro photographer however. The things I liked are the lens. It goes from 35-1000mm (in 35mm camera terms)with very little distortion at wide angle. Of course to take advantage of the 1000mm end of the range will require a tripod to limit shake. To be expected. The lens zooms fairly smoothly once used to using it. It also auto focuses while zooming reasonably quickly . Another positive aspect is the build quality as compared to the lower priced Sony,JVC, and Panasonic units that are more expensive if HD than the Sanyo. Apple users (like me) will find these easy to use with iFrame. Files are downloaded as MP4 files. Sony and Canon are just now coming out with iFrame compatible units this season, while Sanyo had this for a year. Previous versions of the Canon, and Sony had problems had problems with thier image stabilization being compatible (according to iMovie guide). So, credit to Sanyo for being a leader for iFrame compatibilty. Now for the downside. I'm concerned with the ability of the Sanyo to do well indoors or heavy shade. I took some footage inside a moderatly lit building and the results were quite grainy. According to the specs, the unit switches between ISO speeds while in the Auto Mode. The max it uses in Auto is 400. If it is grainy at 400, the higher ISOs accessible in Manual would be aweful. The footage I would want are only going to be availible outdoors in full light. Too bad. A fatal flaw for me. Also worth mentioning, The photos are not 10MP but 3MP interpolated to 10MP if you look closely at the specs. So its camera function has limited use. In conclusion, if you want a camera to shoot high res video and pics and are using it mainly outside, consider the less expensive Sanyo GH1/GH2 or CG100/CG102 that have a true 14MP. If you want a camcorder that will shoot better indoors, the Canons have better low light specs.

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