Panasonic HDC-SDT750K 3D Camcorder Reviews 2010




Panasonic SDT750 3d camcorder

World’s First 3D Compatible Camcorder with 3D Conversion Lens
Unlike previous 3D images that required complex, professional equipment to create, now you can shoot your own. Simply attach the 3D Conversion Lens to the SDT750 3D Professional camcorder for quick and easy 3D shooting.

And because Panasonic hdc-sdt750 3d camcorder feature the Advanced 3MOS System, which has gained worldwide popularity, colors are vivid and 3D images are extremely realistic.

How does the human perceive 3-dimensional images?
Because the left and right eyes are located at different positions on the face, the left and right eyes perceive slightly different images. the difference between the two images is called “visual disparity.” The brain processes these two images with visual disparity to reconstruct spatial conditions, enabling us to see things with three-dimensional depth.

Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D Image Recording
When the 3D Conversion Lens is attached, the Panasonic hdc-sdt750 3d camcorder artificially produces an effect called visual disparity. Right and left images are captured simultaneously by the two lenses, and recorded using the side-by-side method. To view the recorded images, simply connect the Panasonic hdc-sdt750 3d camcorder to a 3D compatible TV, such as a VIERA 3DTV with an HDMI mini cable.
You can adjust the level of low-frequency sound that is included in the audio track while shooting.

HDC-SDT750 New Advanced 3MOS System
To maximize the beauty of Full-HD 1920 x 1080, 60 progressive recording, Panasonic further refined its globally acclaimed 3MOS System. The Advanced 3MOS System combines the 3MOS Sensor, Leica Dicomar Lens, and Crystal Engine PRO, and incorporates noise reduction technologies that are a step above those of our conventional noise reduction systems.

The 3MOS Sensor, with its three-sensor configuration, provides a resolution of 7.59 million effective motion image pixels (2.53 million x 3). The 3MOS Sensor splits the light information captured by the lens into the three primary colors – red, green and blue – and processes each color with its own individual sensor.

This reduces light loss compared to the 1MOS sensor, and renders colors, details and gradation all with intricate detail and natural beauty. The results are spectacular. Images shot in bright conditions are even more vibrant and detailed.

And in dim lighting, you can capture clear, sharp images with minimal noise and vivid colors. See for yourself how Panasonic technology brings out the best in Full-HD image quality.

SDT750 High-density, ultra-smooth images.
The Panasonic hdc-sdt750 3d Professional camcorder uses the progressive method to record twice as much image data as the interlace method. Whereas interlacing requires two images to produce a complete picture, the progressive method records a single image as a complete picture.

Plus, the 60 Progressive Recording of the Panasonic hdc-sdt750 3d camcorder produces 60 images per second. This extremely dense image information creates intricate detail and silky smooth motion. Even when subjects move quickly, afterimages are minimized to create more natural images.

The progressive method is most effective when shooting designs where moire patterns tend to occur, or when capturing scenes during sports events where the subjects are intensely moving around. Also, the recorded images displayed clearly even when they are made into still images, so it is possible to preserve stunning photos when clipping them from videos.

HDC-SDT750 New Intelligent 18x Zoom and HYBRID O.I.S.
The Panasonic hdc-sdt750 3d camcorder feature an Intelligent Zoom function that goes all the way up to 18x. When using Intelligent Zoom, Intelligent Resolution technology lets you shoot at high zoom rates while preserving the image resolution.

You get sharp images of highly detailed objects — without the blurry edges. Plus, the Panasonic hdc-sdt750 3d camcorder is equipped with HYBRID O.I.S, an image stabilization system that corrects hand-shake blurring by combining the action of its hybrid optical and electrical image stabilization systems.

Even when zooming, where hand-shake often occurs, both optical and electrical hand-shake correction make it possible to record beautiful images with approximately 2 times the hand-shake suppressing effect as conventional models.

HDC-SDT750 New O.I.S. Lock (Optical Image Stabilization)

The image-stabilizing effect is increased by pressing and holding the O.I.S. Lock indication on the LCD screen, which maximizes the blur detection sensitivity. This is great for when you want to zoom at a fixed angle, like for bird watching.

Panasonic HDC-SDT750 New Leica Dicomar Lens

Panasonic HD camcorders use Leica Dicomar lenses, which are renowned for their ability to render sharp images and excellent shading.
They also suppress ghosting, flare, and distortion at the image edges.

Even in strong sunlight, these superb lenses maintain high contrast and resolution. A bright new F1.5-F2.8 lens with a 46mm filter diameter has been created for the
hdc-sdt750. Efficient light collection allows the new lens to capture bright, clear images even in dim lighting or at high shutter speeds. This high-end lens brings out all the beauty of Full-HD images.

HDC-SDT750 Crystal Engine PRO
The new Crystal Engine PRO instantly processes the huge amount of data that goes into Full-HD images, and further enhances Full-HD quality. It produces smooth, high-resolution zoom shots even when the range exceeds the limit for optical zooming.

Crystal Engine PRO clearly delineates even the tiniest details of your subject, with extremely natural beauty. New Noise Reduction (NR) Technology minimizes noise when recording in low lighting conditions, and Intelligent Resolution Technology ensures sharp and crisp pictures, resulting in bright and beautifully colored motion images.

SDT750 Intelligent Resolution Technology
The Intelligent Resolution Technology incorporated in the new Crystal Engine PRO uses edge detection technology to confirm the edges of objects within the image, then emphasizes the edges for optimal clarity.

For example, it brings crisp definition to patterns and the outlines of objects like flowers. Conversely, it reduces noise and enhances the natural smoothness of parts without edges, like the sky. The increased sharpness is especially effective for images with delicate details. This highly advanced technology maximizes the beauty of Full-HD images.

HDC-SDT750 35mm Wide Angle Lens*

The 35mm wide-angle lens on the HD 700 Series and SD600 fit more people and more of the background into the frame than a conventional 44.9mm lens. This is especially handy when you want to take a group photo in a small room. * 35mm camera equivalent

SDT750 5.1-Ch Surround Sound System & Zoom Mic
hdc-sdt750 3D Panasonic professional camcorders are equipped with five electret condenser microphones. The center mic helps capture the sound source and distance accurately, so you get a more 3-dimensional effect than you get with conventional systems, which capture all sounds from the front. You get a realistic sound space that’s a perfect match with the true-to-life HD images.

Panasonic HDC-SDT750 Focus Mode/Wide Mode

Picks up audio from all directions to reproduce a natural, lifelike sound field. With the five highly directional microphones, this mode enables the microphones to focus on sounds coming from right in front of you, even when the lens is not zooming.

HDC-SDT750 Wind Noise Canceller
The technology of the previous Wind Cut function has evolved to form the Wind Noise Canceller. The new function automatically detects and suppresses only wind noise, to give you natural sounds with lifelike ambience. Also, unlike the previous Wind Cut function, which switched to monaural recording, the Wind Noise Canceller enables stereo recording. This maintains natural sounds when shooting outdoors.

HDC-SDT750 Bass Control

You can adjust the level of low-frequency sound that is included in the audio track while shooting.

Panasonic HDC-SDT750 Digital Cinema Mode
Set the HD camcorder to Digital Cinema mode to shoot in the progressive 1080/24p (24 pictures per second) format for NTSC area, and in the progressive 1080/25p format for PAL area. Progressive scanning captures clear, vibrant images with intricate detail. You also get faithful images with an appealing film-like quality.

HDC-SDT750 Digital Cinema Color3 with VIERA

Selecting the Digital Cinema Color mode makes it possible to shoot film-like images that are ideally suited to the Digital Cinema Color of VIERA plasma TVs. Colors recorded in this mode look richer than those recorded using the conventional Panasonic standard. For example, the subtle shades of red and gold in flowers, and the greens of leafy trees are remarkably true to life.

HDC-SDT750 Still Picture Recording at 14.2 Megapixels

Still Picture Recording mode lets you shoot with a maximum resolution of 14.2 megapixels. You can also simultaneously record still images and video at 13.3 mega pixels.

HDC-SDT750 Scene Mode
Automatically selects the most suitable shutter speed and aperture for the shooting location and situation.

Scene modes:

* Sports
* Portrait
* Low Light (Motion image only)
* Spot Light
* Snow
* Beach
* Sunset
* Fireworks
* Scenery
* Night Scenery
* Night Portrait (Still image only)

HDC-SDT750 Soft Skin Mode

When this function detects skin tones, it softens the focus in that area. This has a skin beautifying effect, which makes wrinkles and lines appear less noticeable. When turned on, this function makes blemishes and moles look less conspicuous, while preserving resolution in areas of the picture outside of the skin.

HDC-SDT750 Tele-Macro
You can shoot macro close-ups while maintaining a distance of 70cm from your subject. In addition, using the zoom at full magnification makes it much easier to capture extreme close-ups without your body or camera casting a shadow on the subject and while keeping the background in soft focus.

Panasonic HDC-SDT750 Now it’s your turn!

Recording 3D images is now as easy as attaching the 3D conversion lens that comes with the worlds first consumer 3D camcorder, the HDC-SDT750 3d camcorder. Powerful, true-to-life 3D images like those created by Panasonic 3D recording technologies for use in Hollywood movies can now be easily recorded and viewed at home.

With the addition of the new Professional camcorder 3D conversion lens to our 700 series highly touted 3MOS system you can shoot 3D video using the same principle as human vision. Left-and right-eye images are simultaneously shot with two lenses.

The Panasonic hdc-sdt750 3d camcorder creates 3D images by artificially reproducing visual disparity. Even without the 3D conversion lens attached, there are countless ways to enjoy the HDC-SDT750 3d camcorder. This innovative camcorder takes an evolutionary leap forward from the many Panasonic models of HD camcorders that have excited users worldwide.

It is equipped with a wide range of sophisticated functions, including the 3MOS System, which features improved noise reduction (NR) technologies, 1080/60p recording, iA (Intelligent Auto) mode in the new HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilization), and a wealth of manual controls.

Panasonic HDC-SDT750 Technical Details

?World’s first 3D Shooting Camcorder
Full HD 1080/60p Progressive Movie Recording
Advanced 3MOS System
Intelligent Auto
Hybrid OIS

The Panasonic VW-CLT1 3D Converter Lens for SDT750 and SDT650 Camcorders are available now for

Panasonic SDT750 Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars 3D Consumer Camcorder, October 23, 2010 By 3DGuy
Since the introduction of home 3D HDTV, the missing link to its success is the ability for moms and dads to shoot and view the kiddies in 3D.
Panasonic hits the bullseye with the introduction of the HDC-SDT750. The 750 camcorder is built upon a very capable 2D unit with an excellent features including 3MOS sensors, full HD 1920×1080 resolutions and a choice of 4 record rates………Read the full Panasonic HDC-SDT750 review here.

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Product Specifications

Model : HDC-SDT750K
EAN Code :

World's first 3D Shooting Camcorder

Full HD 1080/60p Progressive Movie Recording

Advanced 3MOS System

Intelligent Auto

Hybrid OIS


>Panasonic HDC-SDT750K, High Definition 3D Camcorder at
Average Rating: 4.0
R. Rivera Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

Recent Customer Camcorder Reviews

Average Rating: 4.0
R. Rivera Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

Too Much Grown Ahead, October 6, 2010 By Gabriel (Miami, FL) This review is from: Panasonic HDC-SDT750K, High Definition 3D Camcorder (Electronics).

If you already own any of the top Panasonic HD Camcorders like the Panasonic HDC-TM700K Hi-Def Camcorder, Panasonic HDC-TM350 Twin Media Limited Edition or Panasonic HDC-TM300 Twin Media HD Camcorder and their hard drive models (HS700/350/300) you may stick to what you have because as far as recording in REAL WORLD (2D) there is no much advantage, in fact every aspect of this one is identical to the HDC-TM700 except for some improvement to the Image Stabilization..

Who may be a good candidate for this Camcorder, well anybody that has not got a good one in the last 2 or 3 years looking for some upgrading in the REAL WORLD recording plus the NEW 3D feature..

What you need to know and have before buy it: You need to have and HD 3D TV, 3D Glasses, HDMI 1.4 Version, a 3D Blu-ray player, A High End PC (i7 8GB RAM) capable of burn Blu-rays and patience until the Editing Software launch updates to be able to edit the recordings because the included HD Writer AE 2.6T is a very basic one as they always do..

How it works: (Taken from Panasonic Website) "In natural vision, people see slightly different images with their right and left eyes. This difference is called visual disparity. The brain uses visual disparity to perceive spatial depth and the appearance of solidity. This visual disparity is artificially produced for 3D images so that the brain will interpret it as depth and solid-appearing objects..

The SDT750 comes with a special 3D conversion lens that records right-eye and left-eye images simultaneously through its two lenses. The right and left images (each with 960 x 1080 pixels) that enter through the lenses are recorded using the side-by-side method..

By attaching the 3D conversion lens to the SDT750 3MOS System camcorder, which incorporates a variety of Panasonic broadcast technologies, and connecting the SDT750 to a TV that is capable of side-by-side method 3D playback, vividly colorful 3D images can be viewed at home".

I think overall this is a great beginning by Panasonic in the 3D world, by the end of next year this technology along with the TVs, Blu-ray Players, Satellite broadcasting, Movies Developers and Camcorders itself will be into another level and will be a lot of fun to enjoy all the excitement produce by it.

4.0 out of 5 stars It's Pretty and All..., October 12, 2010 By Eddie Yarbrough (Orlando, FL) (REAL NAME) This review is from: Panasonic HDC-SDT750K, High Definition 3D Camcorder (Electronics).

The Panasonic HDC-SDT750K has a long name. I guess to make it seem important or expensive. No, the price tag makes it seem expensive. Anyway, to knock the image quality of this camera one has to be foolish. Or color blind. It's definitely beautiful and the 3D imaging is great if you like that sort of thing. The 2D imaging is also phenomenal..

My one major gripe about this product is what you need in your home theater system to watch your movies properly. Now, let me start by saying that if this is something you have to dough for then you probably also have an HD-3DTV and/or a 3D Blu Ray player..

But if you were, for some reason, going to use this thing to pick up chicks, and you've saved and saved your money for one I encourage you to please reconsider. If you don't have a 3D TV then the 3D feature is of no use to you and that's kind of the point of buying this camera..

And let't face it, 3D TVs are pretty expensive still and average, mid-level/minimum wage workers like you and I either can't afford them yet or don't have friends who have them. So think about this particular investment before you jump into it...

.... Read more