JVC GZ-E10 Everio Flash Memory Camcorder Review 2012




JVC GZ-E10 Review

The new JVC GZ-E10 Everio Flash Memory Camcorder records Full HD 1080P video to a single chip which can be inserted into the SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot supporting 64GB, has a 40X Optical Zoom and Advanced Image Stabilizer to steady the shot which can be viewed on the 2.7-Inch LCD viewfinder.

This new GZ-E10 Everio JVC camcorder features a Back-illuminated Super LoLux CMOS Sensor with 29.5mm/32.8mm wide angle lens, capturing clear images even in low light, recording 1920×1080 resolution AVCHD video with 1080P output. Standard Definition recording can be selected with the HD/SD Dual Format feature for longer recording times.

SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot recording
By inserting a 64GB SDXC card into the SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot, the JVC GZ-E10 Everio Flash Memory Camcorder can record 5hr 40min of high quality video in UXP HD 1920×1080 Mode and a staggering 46hr 10min in SEW SD 720×480 Mode.

Advanced Image Stabilizer
The JVC GZ-E10 Everio flash memory camcorder compensates camera shake which happens when recording while walking by expanding the effective area at wide angle giving stable results.

40x optical zoom
Optical zoom is far superior to digital zoom, and the 40x optical zoom of the JVC GZ-E10 Everio is the highest available in any camcorder, and this coupled with the Advanced Image Stabilizer gives stabilized video without degrading the picture.

Advanced JVC GZ-E10 Features

Intelligent Auto
Switch to Intelligent AUTO and the GZ-E10 Automatically selects the optimal settings wherever you point the camera. Get the best possible shot every time.

JVC GZ-E10 Everio Time-Lapse
The Time-Lapse function of the GZ-E10 records a single frame at a time from intervals of one to 80 seconds then replay at normal speed, great for nature shots which cannot normally be seen with the naked eye in real time.

High-speed recording
Equally efficient to Time-Lapse recording is the high-speed video recording function for super slow motion playback of up to 300fps, great for analyzing golf shots and nature.

Auto Record
Use the GZ-E10 Everio JVC camcorder as a spy camera, when recording will auto start after detecting movement nearby and continue to record until 5 seconds after movement stops, great as a surveillance camera in your absense.

Zoom Microphone
The GZ-E10 new zoom microphone changes from wide to telephoto while zooming to reduce stereo separation and increase microphone gain, changing the focal point to match the picture, while K2 Technology Restores the sound details lost during compression for high-quality audio playback.



Everio MediaBrowser™ 4 PC Software
For in-camera editing of movies and stills, data management, replay in the viewfinder and easy sharing functions, the Everio MediaBrowser 4 software manages it all with ease.

Easy Video and Still Editing
The JVC GZ-E10 Everio Flash Memory Camcorder lets you edit all your movie and still shots in camera, add a music track and captions, transition effects and trims with drag-and-drop ease before sharing to YouTube or Facebook by following just a few simple steps displayed on the screen. CLICK THE PIC FOR VIDEO REVIEW

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Expeditious Service.., March 6, 2012 By Courtney D. Smith (REAL NAME)
This so far is one of the best camcorder I have purchased in years…no night vision though oh well knew that when I purchased it…pic quality is HD as advertised… Read the full review of the JVC GZ-E10 here.

JVC GZ-E10 Summary

For a basic entry level camcorder, the JVC GZ-E10 Everio Flash Memory Camcorder has many advanced features and one of the highest optical zooms. To read the full review and to check out the best discount, click the JVC GZ-E10 Everio link.

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Product Specifications

Model : GZE10BUS
EAN Code :

SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot recording

Advanced Image Stabilizer

Time-Lapse and Intelligent AUTO

Auto REC and Zoom Microphone

low light wide angle lens