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ContourHD Review
The VholdR ContourHD 1080p Wearable Camcorder is a full 1920 x 1080p camcorder for recording all your adventures on land, in the air, on the side of a mountain pretty much wherever you feel the need to explore.

The ContourHD 1080p not only records in 1080p, but also offers up 4 other resolution choices depending on your needs: 1280 x 960p at 30fps, 1280 x 720p at 60fps, 1280 x 720p at 30fps and standard definition 848 x 480 at 60fps.

Record whatever your heart desires with this extremely lightweight and easy to use 5MP camcorder.
All your video is captured to microSD memory cards (2GB card included) up to 16GB for easy flash memory recording and transfer.
When using a 16GB card you can record for up to 8 hours! Considering the built-in lithium-ion battery lasts for 4 hours on a single charge, that’s pretty awesome.

And you’ll capture all your adventures with the fixed focus 135 lens that keeps the entire scene in focus without over-distorting things.
A built-in microphone rounds out your video by capturing the sounds that go along with every adventure.
Ease of use is another hallmark of this wearable camcorder.

Even with gloves on you can start and stop recording with just a touch of the switch. And, because it weighs only 4.3 ounces and is mountable to just about anything, thanks to VholdR’s patent-pending TRail Mount system, you’ll be able to shoot without being distracted or weighed down. In addition, dual lasers, along with the 180degree rotating lens

ContourHD1080p is the World’s First Full HD Wearable Camcorder to shoot and share 1080p video. Perfect for an outdoor enthusiast looking for the ultimate video quality you can configure.
It features four HD settings (1080p, 960p, and two at 720p) with two frame rates (30fps and 60fps) and four configurable settings (metering, contrast, exposure, and microphone sensitivity).

But, most important the ContourHD software will share your adventures in “Lifelike” 1080p video to
With its single button operation and dual lasers for alignment, ContourHD1080p brings the biggest HD video online with the popular and easy to use ContourHD camcorder line.

ContourHD Full HD Wearable Camcorder
ContourHD is the World’s First and Smallest wearable video camera. Its light (4 ounces) but armored aluminum body means you can capture video in any weather conditions. Its TRail mounts “slide and lock” ContourHD onto a series of mounts for your goggles, helmet, handle bars, vehicle, or anywhere else you want. Wear HD video and record your adventures hands-free!

ContourHD One Button Record

To be operated with a pair of gloves on, ContourHD uses a single button to capture up to 8 hours of HD video to an internal MicroSD memory card (compatible up to a 16GB card). With no wires or tapes, the ContourHD helmet cam makes it easy to capture Full HD video from within the action.

ContourHD Online
ContourHD is a shoot to share experience including our Easy Edit software and your own account on Connect ContourHD to your computer, clip the best parts, and share your helmet camera adventures online in seconds.

ContourHD Key Features

ContourHD 1080p on goggles
Amazing Video Clarity
Big or Bigger Video
ContourHD1080p has five video resolutions you can choose from to remember your HD adventures.
Full HD – 1080p (1920×1280)
Tall HD – 960p (1280×960)
Action HD – 720p (1080×720)
Contour HD – 720p (1080×720)
Fast SD – WVGA (848×480)

ContourHD Framed for Speed
If you’d rather pick your resolution by frame rate, ContourHD1080p offers two different frame rates, 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second.
Now the fastest action will be butter smooth and ready to replay in s…l…o…w… motion.
30fps – 1080p and 720p
60fps – 720p and WVGA

ContourHD 1080p Configurable

ContourHD1080p gives you choices. Use the Easy Edit software to dial in your contrast (high, med or low), exposure (-4 to +4), metering (spot, center, avg), and the sensitivity of the microphone. ContourHD1080p is now the world’s most configurable HD wearable camcorder.

Capture the Whole Scene with
At 135 degrees, the ContourHD Wearable Camcorder lens strikes the perfect balance in capturing the entire scene without over-distorting the video.
Its single focus lens keeps the entire scene in focus, recording video much like you remember it.

ContourHD for 8 Hours of HD Video
An all-in-one HD wearable camcorder means there are no wires or tapes.
ContourHD records to a removable, internal MicroSD memory card, capturing up to 8 hours of HD video (compatible up to a 16GB Memory Card).

ContourHD With Full Audio
We believe video from within the action is better with sound!
The ContourHD microphone does its best to keep the wind noise to a minimum while keeping the sounds of the ride rich.
Configure the microphone on your ContourHD1080p camera to the action sounds you want.

Easy to Use ContourHD

ContourHD Smallest in the World
Fitting in the palm of your hand and weighing almost nothing (4.3 ounces), ContourHD is the smallest and lightest HD Wearable Camcorder in the world.

ContourHD Wearable Anywhere
We take “wearable” seriously!
With our patent-pending TRail Mounts “slide and lock” ContourHD helmet cam onto a series of mounts for your goggles, helmet, handlebars, vehicle, or anywhere else you can think of.
One Button Record
ContourHD’s operations couldn’t be simpler. Slide the record switch forward to record and slide it back to stop. Do you need silent mode (no beeps)? We have that option too.

Armored Body
A water-resistant HD wearable camcorder for all seasons, its anodized aluminum body withstands dust, dirt, mud, and snow. It’s also shock, vibration and impact resistant.

Dual Laser Alignment
Have you ever seen a camera with lasers? ContourHD uses two of them and a 180 rotating lens to ensure you line up the shot every time.
Turn on the lasers and rotate the lens until they are horizontal. Congratulations, you just lined up your shot.

ContourHD Rechargeable Battery
No need for AA batteries with your ContourHD HD wearable camcorder.
Powered by a removable, rechargeable battery you’ll get up to 4 hours HD video with either model.

Click to Share Online with a Mac and a PC

The included Easy Edit software makes it simple to import your videos from the camera, clip out the best parts, and post them to
Show your friends what you did and earn props from the community.

ContourHD Software:
Easy Edit: Import, Watch, and Share YOUR HD videos with the world.

The perfect complement to your wearable camcorder, the included Easy Edit software takes the work out of publishing your high definition adventures online.

Import with Ease
Use the USB cable to connect your ContourHD, select “Import,” and we’ll have your videos downloaded to your computer, added to the folder of your choice, and ready to be played on your computer in a matter of minutes

Watch in Widescreen
Your videos play in a widescreen or full screen format with controls to stop, start, and fast-forward to find your favorite parts.
*Note: HD Video requires a quality graphics card to play smoothly

Clip the Best Parts
Find the best part of your video, select the “Set Start” button at the beginning of the clip, the “Set Stop” button at the end, and wrap it up with the “Finish” button.
Congratulations, you just clipped your video.

Add Your Tags
Be the producer and enter the title, date, tags, description, and epic location of your video. Now your videos will play on next to a beautiful map and be searchable by fellow enthusiasts.

Click to Share Online
Publishing your videos to takes a single click…”Share.” Even if you drop your internet connection in the middle of the upload, the Easy Edit software will remember where you left off and continue from the same spot.

ContourHD Specs:

ContourHD Video Resolutions
Window Size Frame Rate Record
Full HD  1080p
1920×1080 pixels  30fps  15min/GB
Full HD 960p  1280×960 pixels  30fps 15min/GB
Action HD  720p  1280×720 pixels  60fps  15min/GB
Contour HD  720p  1280×720 pixels  30fps  30min/GB
Fast SD  WVGA  848×480 pixels
60fps  30min/GB

ContourHD Details
5 Megapixel Sensor
Codec: H.264 (AAC audio)
File Type: .mov

ContourHD Audio
Internal Microphone
AAC Audio Compression

ContourHD Lens
135o – 960p and 720p
110o – 1080p and WVGA

ContourHD Memory
Removable MicroSD
SDHC compatible
Capacity: 16GB (2GB included)

Battery & Power
Removable Lithium-Ion Battery
Record Time: Up to 4 hours
Charge via USB to Computer or chargers (sold separately)
Charge Time: 4 hours (average)

ContourHD Body
Water Resistant
Aluminum and Fiberglass Body
Compatible with TRail Mount System

Easy Edit Software

Compatible with:
Mac (10.4, 10.5, & 10.6)
Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7)
Videos Download via USB 2.0

What’s In the ContourHD Box?

* ContourHD Camera
* MicroSD Card (2GB)
* Goggle Mount
* Flat Surface Mount
* Extra Adhesive
* Rechargeable Battery (3hrs)
* USB Cable

Vholdr ContourHD Mini Video Camera Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars AFGHANISTAN AND BACK
I took this Vholdr ContourHD mini video camera on my 12 month deployment to Afghanistan with hopes of bringing something back to look on. Worked through dust, drizzle, snow, heat and extreme cold. Published 5 days ago by Edgar J. Alfaro

4.0 out of 5 stars ContourHD mini video camera review and VIDEO SAMPLES.
This small video camera is mounted on my motorcycle. The minicam is mounted with a “RAM” mount, on the handle bars. The Vholdr camera gives a very wavy picture when bumps are encountered. Published 7 days ago by David Bargmann

5.0 out of 5 stars Got lucky
I purchased the ContourHD mini video camera at along with several accessaries. I knew absolutely nothing about a helmet camera and I feel like I got lucky when I bought this. Published 7 days ago by Gene-O

2.0 out of 5 stars Neat small video camera if you get one that works.
Overall the ContourHD mini video camera is very easy to use, light, and very handy. Configuring the settings on the computer using their software is intuitive and fast. Published 16 days ago by Rhosenthorpe

3.0 out of 5 stars Okay for outdoor use, but poor for indoor use
I found this ContourHD mini video camera to be a neat idea. I was going to use it for Airsoft at a national gaming convention. Published 24 days ago by William Stec

4.0 out of 5 stars Great Tiny HD Camera
I’ve only had this ContourHD minicam a few days, playing with it. Great little piece of gear. It’s super light, picture quality is good for what it is and what it does. Published 1 month ago by C. J. W. Anderson

5.0 out of 5 stars Great cold weather performance
I bought this ContourHD 1080p video camcorder with the sole intention to it to record my snowmobile trips. Published 1 month ago by David Gabriel

5.0 out of 5 stars ContourHD 1080p video camcorder at Whistler Blackcomb
I have used it first at Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in Canada.
The first problem is that the battery runs out very quickly, so if you intend to use it for more than…Published 1 month ago by Scubapro

3.0 out of 5 stars Sound is too quiet and of horrible quality
Simplicity – can’t get much simpler than this ContourHD mini video camera. Picture quality is fine. Sound quality is TERRIBLE. This company needs to pick up a few Flip Video cameras before they go completely out of…Published 1 month ago by Frederick E. Szczepanski

5.0 out of 5 stars ContourHD mini video camera

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Product Specifications

Model : 1300
EAN Code :

Full HD Recording (1080p) - 1920x1080 pixels - 30fps

5 Megapixel Sensor

Internal Microphone

Removable Lithium-Ion Battery; records up to 4 hours

Aluminum and Fiberglass Water Resistant Body


>Reviews of the ContourHD 1080p by VholdR – Full HD Helmet Camera at
Average Rating: 4.0
R. Rivera Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

4.0 out of 5 stars Used Overseas in Iraq. Great helmet cam! So I bought this during my deployment in Iraq to catch footage of our patrols and mission. This things produces some GREAT footage, I'm also a film student back home and have a... Read more Published 23 days ago by Klay M. Abele

4.0 out of 5 stars Almost great I used this for alpine skiing and was surprised at the quality of the video. The goggle strap mount was very stable even in moguls and racing. All around a good buy. Read more Published 1 month ago by R. Hoelzer

2.0 out of 5 stars Not quite what I expected Returned the product. I was expecting something a little beefier for over $300, there appeared to be a lot of very easily breakable parts or at least portions of the product that... Read more Published 2 months ago by B. Hofer

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